Our clients are important to us...

Here at Booker Wellman our clients are very important to us. We aim to satisfy each of our clients with the same high level of service and quality of products within our field.

Here is a list of clients Booker Wellman has done business with:

Our reputation as a leading fabrication specialist could only be built by fulfilling the needs and requirements of our previous clients.

As you can see, many prodigious clients have chosen to work with us here at Booker Wellman.

Every day our list of clients is expanding -- we hope to add you to that list!


Mixing Vessels


Stainless Steel Storage Tanks


Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger


Pharmaceutical Vessels


Mixing Vessels


Limpet Coil Reaction Vessel


Innospec Inc.


Koppers UK




Degussa Fine Organics